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Ten Must See Horror Movies

We screen a lot of horror movies at Richtig Haus. Here are a list of some house hold favorites that have kept us coming back for more!

1. The Clinic (2010)

The Clinic is an Australian movie which stars Tabrett Bethell (Legend of the Seeker) and Andy Whitfield (Spartacus). The Clinic is set on Christmas Eve 1979, as a couple travels through the Australian Outback as Bethell and Whitfield to visit family. The couple stop at a motel for the night, and the story takes a turn for the strange and unusual. Based loosely on true events.

2. Excision (2012)

Excision is a surprising movie that blends indie style with horror elements. Misfit Pauline (AnnaLynne McCord) has dreams of becoming a surgeon, but hides a disturbing secret from those around her. Supporting cast highlights include Ariel Winter (Modern Family) and Traci Lords (Nowhere, Roseanne) add a familiarity that contrasts Pauline’s delusions with modern media reality. I am still haunted by the last scene.

3. The Hills Run Red (2009)

Scream queen Janet Montgomery (Wrong Turn 3, Salem) stars opposite Sophie Monk (Life Blood) in this horror movie about a horror movie. The Hills Run Red focuses on an obscure snuff film from the early 1980s that horror fanatic/documentary maker Tyler (Tad Hilgrenbrink) is searching for. This tale proves that not all mysteries are worth solving.

4. The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2009)

Love it or hate it, The Human Centipede changed the world of cinema. This surgical masterpiece not only disturbed initial viewers of the film, it spawned two sequels. Surgeon Dr. Heiter (Dieter Laser) decides to create a living piece of art using the medium of the human body. Experience how three unwilling participants react to his artistic vision.

5. May (2002)

Angela Bettis (Girl, Interrupted, Carrie) stars as May, an awkward woman desperate to connect with other people. Supporting cast Jeremy Sisto (Wrong Turn, Six Feet Under), Anna Faris (Scary Movie, Mom) and James Duval (The Doom Generation, Nowhere) use their talents to flesh out the film. When life doesn’t turn out the right way for May, she takes control.

6. Stake Land (2010)

The world has fallen to apocalypse, but not to zombies – to vampires! Stake Land is an interesting take on the usual zombie apocalypse by both vampirism and the world created in its wake. Stake Land’s new Earth resembles a midway point between the world of The Walking Dead and the old west. Stand out performance by scream queen Danielle Harris (Roseanne, Hatchet II).

7. Tooth and Nail (2007)

Another post-apocalyptic tale based on human civilization ending with the loss of oil. In the world just after the release of An Inconvenient Truth, Tooth and Nail highlighted this human fear. While alternative fuels have moved closer to reality in modern society, Tooth and Nail’s power appears through the narrative of the survivors. Rider Strong (Cabin Fever, Boy Meets World) stars as Ford, an obnoxious alpha male wannabe. Featuring post-apocalyptic cannibals and what recovery from injury looks like with the collapse of modern medicine infrastructure.

8. Victim (2010)

Victim is a melange of elements that may have been designed with men in mind. The principal cast of three men deliver a movie that is one part The Human Centipede, to one part I Spit On Your Grave. The viewer is kept in the dark from much of what is happening (motivations, history), which come together in a surprise ending (with its own surprise ending). Victim leaves the viewer wondering if gender and sexuality are as fixed and important as we believe they are.

9. The Woman (2011)

Angela Bettis‘ second appearance on this list is as a supporting character in this captured feral woman epic. The origins of the feral woman are unclear in the movie, though the IMDB listing states that she is the last remaining member of a violent clan. That part must have hit the cutting room floor. The Woman contains subtle undertones of the ethics of colonization, the predatory instincts of modern humans, as well as the façade that is the “normal” family. An unforgettable perfomance by Pollyanna McIntosh as ‘the woman’.

10. Wound (2010)

Wound can be a difficult movie to follow. There are many wounds that are explored through the narrative of this film: incest, BDSM, family relationships, mental illness and death. It’s difficult to know, even after watching the movie several times, what is really going on v.s. what parts are delusion. The movie was filmed in New Zealand, and it is possible that there are cultural nuances that are lost on an international audience.

Send us your suggestions for horror movies you believe we MUST SEE!



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