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Fictitious News is written by Kyle Richtig as pure entertainment. None of these stories are true, and if they are, those involved did not divulge any information.

Those mentioned in Fictitious News will hopefully see the humour in celebrity.

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Bat For Lashes Confesses “Laura” Origins

Fictitious News

Bat For Lashes’ song “Laura” is used for haunting moments in television. Known for its raw emotion, the song was used during Australia’s hit TV show Wentworth following the death of the main character. This was the last song written by Bat For Lashes’ singer/songwriter Natasha Khan for the album. She reluctantly recorded it having grown tired of writing piano ballads.

World Shocked as Trump Linked to ISIS

Trump, while pushing the envelope of good taste, reasonability and morality in the United States, ISIS supporters know that it’s bravado. Like a Roman emperor, Trump is creating the conditions necessary for an invasion: divided public, lies concealed as facts, and an irreparable international reputation. Many are interested to see how the former United States will reorganize itself into separate countries once Trump is in power.