Top 10 Posts of 2015

Our readers’ favourite posts from 2015. An eclectic mix of posts that ranges from the serious to the absurd. Enjoy a trip back through the months of the Richtig Haus experience.

An honourable mention in the 11th spot goes to the Fictitious News post “Nick Jonas, Unintentional Serial Killer“.

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Movie Review

Horror Movie Review: The Caretaker

The movie The Caretaker is described as a Halloween teen scream. This movie is available on Netflix, which appropriately gives it a one star rating. What was most surprising, were the actual celebrities that were buried in the credits. Continue reading

Movie Review

5 New Horror Movie Franchises of the New Millennium

New movie franchises are a gift to production companies. All productions start out believing they will be successful enough to spawn sequels; however, most are wrong. The movies chosen have at least three two additional sequels to date. The following franchises created new possibilities for horror movies by pushing the boundaries of what came before. Continue reading

Movie Review

5 Revitalized Horror Franchises of the New Millennium

For horror fans that cut their teeth on the horror franchises of the 1980s, a slew of reimagined movies were released in the new millennium. Whether or not these movies were meant to illicit new fans, and/or to bring back lost fans to the fold, these new horror movies are becoming the classics of a new generation. Continue reading