On Writing: Resonating Tomatoes

I have always had a fascination with mental illness and how it relates to familial relationships. In many cases, well meaning family members try to take the place of well trained caregivers. For many people with exceptionalities a loving family that can keep them safe may be all they need. This is not necessarily the case with individuals who have psychological disorders.

On Writing: Manufactured Heaven

“Manufactured Heaven” was written at a time where none of us knew where the internet was going or what the implications may be. Movies like Tron wherein consciousness could penetrate the electronic world of computers were a part of my early development. The same is true of science fiction shows such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, wherein computers had achieved a relative form of autonomy and consciousness (Data; the central computer).

On Writing: Following Blind

The idea behind “Following Blind” came to me one day while reading a student’s homework about Old Man and the Sea. I read this book in high school like many others, as well as had several years of teaching it to other people. For many years I held a great deal of contempt for Santiago’s story. I felt that he should have found another less stressful way of making ends meet.