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Horror Movie Review: Creep

I was not sure what to expect when I started the movie Creep. I have a special place in my heart for the found footage genre, even though I have been let down by it several times. This was not the case with Creep.

The movie Creep features only two characters, Aaron (Patrick Brice) and Josef (Mark Duplass), which may have added to the intensity of the plot. Unlike many found footage movies that focus on the paranormal (Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, V/H/S), Creep focuses on the darkness that lives in people.

The stars of Creep wrote the screenplay together; however was directed by Patrick Brice. If I were to dig deeper, I would wonder about the megalomania associated with a directing a film about being the object of someone’s affection. A stalker film, Creep, probes into several interesting issues within the subtext.

Firstly, I found Creep did an interesting job of exploring the complexities of male relationships in a modern hetero-centric North America. The interplay between Aaron and Josef crosses masculine social boundaries often, and in unexpected ways. I doubt this would have necessarily translated to other cultures; however, moments such as the tubby scene, the heart spring and Josef’s shame-filled confession made me question what Aaron was willing to accept. I would love to know how women experience this movie based on their own social boundaries.

Secondly, I feel that it is unusual in movies to see men as the object of a stalker’s attention. Generally, media engages men as stalkers of women. Perhaps there is a greater prevalence of this behaviour as men stalking women that adds to the efficacy of this concept. Aaron is positioned as possibly heterosexual (his idea of a middle-aged woman as his possible employer), which makes the interplay between himself and Josef that more unnerving.

The scariest moments probe into the primal fears of the audience. Moments when Josef is visible on camera when unseen by Aaron, and when he controls the camera during Aaron’s sleep are enough to put anyone on edge.

Creep engaged me well. Fans of the genre will be happy to know that there are no “dead scenes” (such as the many minutes of footage in the Paranormal Activity series wherein nothing happens), and no “seasick scenes” (such as the many frantic camera movements from the V/H/S series). This movie was well shot.

I have read that Creep is meant to be the first instalment of a trilogy. I am interested to see how this will evolve.


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