3 Men 1 House

Polyamory and Personality Type

I want to do a study on Personality Type and polyamorous people. For years I have been performing personality workshops. I have a feeling there are several personality types that would gravitate toward or away from polyamory. Let’s find out if I am right or wrong!

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3 Men 1 House

Polyamory: Finding Role Models

It is difficult for our triad to find role models. I wouldn’t say that we have struck a real quest to find others to look up to; however, I feel that most people gravitate toward those they find similar. For example, I am always on the look out for other triads, trios or what-have-you, in an attempt to see down the road issues that may arise. So far, this has been relegated to television shows like Polyamory: Married and Dating. Continue reading

Exploring Conceptual Polyamory

Recently I had an assignment to write a persuasive essay, for which I chose to write about Polyamory. My goal was not to persuade people to become polyamorous; my goal was to inform them that polyamory was not polygamy. While the polyamorous configuration of the “V” can constitute polygyny or polyandry, the equality of the members makes the distinction between polyamory and polygamy. Continue reading

3 Men 1 House

Dismissing Polyamory

I read a short article today on Mamamia (Australia), “What the hell is a polyamorous couple? Glad you asked…” The piece comments on a story about Kamala Devi, Michael McClure and Rachel Rickards. Both the article and the comments focus on the sexual relationship between the three, ending with the line, “Come on guys, just call it a threesome. Okay?” Continue reading

3 Men 1 House

3 Men, No Luck

The past two weeks have been a disturbing twist of events. I was nearing the end of my tether yesterday, but have since been able to see the bright side again. This may be chalked up to karma, as I (or we) may have been terrible in a format life. Continue reading

3 Men 1 House

3 Men 1 House: The Move In

Today was moving day for Charles. Charles and I did the moving while Edward made sure there was room at home. It was a quick affair, and took no more than an hour and a half to get everything out of the old place and into our home. I don’t think I have ever seen Charles so happy as he was on the ride back to our house. Continue reading

3 Men 1 House

3 Men and a New Plan

We got a text message from Charles’ landlord stating that the new tenant was hopeful to move in this weekend, a few days shy of the 1st of October. Since Charles has been living 60% here already, a few days earlier for his move in does not shake our plans too wildly. Charles has been eager to move in for some time, so he is rather ecstatic about the idea. Continue reading