Sia Confesses Origins of “Cellophane”

Sydney, Australia

Sia Furler, better known simply by her stage name Sia, is riding the wave of her new album This Is Acting. In a recent interview she was asked about the cryptic song from her hit album 1000 Forms of Fear. The song “Cellophane” has been a subject of conjecture since the albums release in 2014.

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Richtig Haus Music Reviews

Top 100 Albums of All Time

Recently I have seen an endless list of Top 10s, Top 100s, and the like. Seeing what individuals classify as their top [insert passion], it inspired me to think about what have been influential items in my own history. The idea came to categorize music, likely because I was listening to one of my own influential albums. Continue reading

Kyle Richtig Journal

More Money

I found out today that I will be starting full time soon. It may not be soon enough, but I have a definite date of August 30th. They want me to continue teaching academics in the afternoon, and to start computer instruction in the mornings when I go full time. I picked up an extra shift tomorrow morning teaching a math/English combo. It should be interesting. Continue reading