Can We Create Sustainable Evolution?

In a world full of disappearing species, is it possible that the ingenuity of humans could organize a system that allowed introduction of new species into a biome? While attempts at this have been disastrous in the past, can our current understanding foster a new system?

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Adapting to Climate Change

It is widely accepted that the world’s climate is changing, and that the full effects of environmental contamination are still yet to be felt. As many countries are focusing on reducing their emissions to prevent further contamination, others are now working at ways to adapting to the coming changes before they happen. Continue reading

The End of Agriculture

I remember as a child grocery shopping with my mother at the A&P, and being dazzled by the different fruits and vegetables from foreign and distant sources. I thought Japanese pears looked just like apples, that Californian grapes seemed to be a wonder fruit in the winter and that P.E.I. must be the best potatoes. I didn’t consider how or why they appeared in the bins. Continue reading

10 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Hoarder

Hoarding is the act of accumulating items to excess. People who hoard often endanger themselves and their families by potentially creating hazardous and unsanitary conditions. Hoards often accumulate garbage that cannot be processed due to the inaccessibility caused by the mass. Use these tips to avoid hoarding behaviour, and to increase the safety of your home. Continue reading

Emergence of the Locavores

For those who unfamiliar with the term locavore, it refers to individuals who prefer to eat locally grown or produced food products. The local food movement connects individuals greater to the products they consume, and was popularized in the book The 100-Mile Diet. Both a health and a green movement, the local food movement allows individuals to have greater responsibility over their consumption. Continue reading