3 Men 1 House

3 Men 1 Solstice

Today begins the Christmas season for Christians, and family obligations for others. I personally stopped celebrating Christmas as a holiday in about 2006. I continued to attend family celebrations, company parties and the like; however, I stopped decorating, sending Christmas cards and saying Merry Christmas. I found as an atheist, the Christians did a good enough job of promoting their cause that they did not need my assistance.Edward moved in that following spring and together we have never celebrated Christmas in our home. Continue reading

Poly Personality Update III

This is the most recent update for the Polyamory Personality Survey. Updates include more female respondents, the emergence of sensory judgers on the survey, and one personality type pulling into the lead! We invite all polyamorous people to complete the survey and send us your results. More information about your privacy included in the survey page!
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3 Men 1 House

Self-protection in Polyamorous Relationships

Polyamorous relationships are relatively new on the relationship landscape. While it should be self-evident that polyamorous relationships have always existed in one form or another, the public declaration of such is new. Because of this, there are financial self-protection measures that polyamorous people need to consider before entering into a cohabitating relationship. Continue reading

3 Men 1 House

Poly Personality Update

I started this survey less than a month ago, and the information that is coming in is starting to form an interesting pattern. We are still interested in gathering as much data as we can, and hope to continue the survey over the next six months to a year (or by the time we receive 100 – 200 responses). Currently we have received information on individuals fitting 8 of the 16 personality categories. Continue reading

At Work With Poly Partners

Not too long ago all three of us were working at the same place, mostly because it made the most sense in terms of accessibility and pay. This arrangement, however, did not necessarily reflect the needs of the Triad. While we were in need of money, having a power structure in the workplace often translated to the same at home. Continue reading

3 Men 1 House

Polyamory: Finding Role Models

It is difficult for our triad to find role models. I wouldn’t say that we have struck a real quest to find others to look up to; however, I feel that most people gravitate toward those they find similar. For example, I am always on the look out for other triads, trios or what-have-you, in an attempt to see down the road issues that may arise. So far, this has been relegated to television shows like Polyamory: Married and Dating. Continue reading

Exploring Conceptual Polyamory

Recently I had an assignment to write a persuasive essay, for which I chose to write about Polyamory. My goal was not to persuade people to become polyamorous; my goal was to inform them that polyamory was not polygamy. While the polyamorous configuration of the “V” can constitute polygyny or polyandry, the equality of the members makes the distinction between polyamory and polygamy. Continue reading