History of Richtig Haus


1998 – 1999: Kyle Richtig and Ashley Richtig (The Line Drawn, Heatseeking Moisture Missiles, Repetitions, NeanderThrall) acquire the first Richtig Haus in the upstairs of 125 Biggings Ave., Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

At this Richtig Haus, Kyle Richtig learned how to paint. He completed his first painting ‘The Exploding Boy’ there. This painting was unfortunately lost in the move from Richtig Haus Whitby. This first incarnation of Richtig Haus was driven by the mixing of people and introduction of new concepts. Many nights were spent testing the boundaries of social norms.

1999 – 2003: Richtig Haus moves to Toronto, ON at 191 Dowling Ave., in Parkdale.

Richtig Haus Toronto was a great mixing place of people and ideas. There were many residents at Richtig Haus Toronto over the years that brought their unique flavour to the mix. At this location, Kyle Richtig first learned to play guitar from the many talented musicians that surrounded him. Nights here were spent playing music, creating art and dreaming of ways to change the world.

Richtig Haus Toronto spearheaded the project The Smiling Fish and Eye, and began the Richtig Family Tree.

2003 – 2007: Richtig Haus moves to Whitby, ON at 605 Mary St. E

Richtig Haus Whitby saw a new cast of characters bringing their ideas and expertise to Richtig Haus. Richtig Haus Whitby was the first to have gardens. Gardens included vegetables, native plantings as well as mixed habitats for organisms. Randy Nicholas moved into Richtig Haus Whitby in June of 2006. Kyle Richtig began his publishing career at this site.

Richtig Haus Whitby saw the formation of several foundations created here: The Richtig Calendar and Dialectic English. Projects began here included, Inscribed and Green Tomorrow.

2007 – 2010: Richtig Haus returns to Sault Ste. Marie, finding purchase at 82 Lorna Dr.

Richtig Haus Sault Ste. Marie was much more sedate than previous incarnations. There were few that came to this site; however, those that did brought much needed insights into politics and community mobilization. At this site Kyle Richtig began writing about the employment market for SooNews.ca (Now Local2), and was certified in Personality Dimensions.

Richtig Haus Sault Ste. Marie spearheaded the Queer Coffee Nights project with Algoma Pride.

2011 – 2018: Richtig Haus relocates to 517 Romaine St. in Peterborough, ON.

Richtig Haus Peterborough has been a great mixing place of both family and friends. Richtig Haus Peterborough has had the greatest proximity to family members of all of the previous sites. Richtig Haus Peterborough lead the members down a path of self discovery and understanding of psychology, personality and polyamory. Andrew Moore moved into Richtig Haus Peterborough in September of 2013.

Richtig Haus Peterborough saw Kyle Richtig become The Job Search Guy for MyKawartha.com (a title he retained) and the 3Men1House project, and internal production of food stuffs such as wine, mead, jam, bread and pickles. In addition, Richtig Haus began taking in, rehabilitating, and rehoming unwanted pets from Kijiji.

2018 – present: Richtig Haus is reborn in Moncton, NB

Richtig Haus expanded to its greatest size ever in a 2900 square foot century home in the neighbourhood of Fox Creek in the Greater Moncton community of Dieppe. A small flock of wild pheasants are frequent visitors, and the grounds feature a number of fruit bearing trees and bushes (to be expanded).

Richtig Haus Moncton had originally been separated into three apartments, which has now been reconfigured into one home. The second kitchen upstairs now is dedicated as the Sacred Roots lab. New soap and candle scents are produced here, as well as a number of other products.