Richtig Family Tree

Matej and Elfriede's Wedding, Lübeck, Germany.

Matej and Elfriede’s Wedding, Lübeck, Germany.

Kyle Richtig has researched the Richtig family tree since 2001. The origins of the Richtig family in Canada emerged from the Czech Republic. The surname Richtig is derived from the German word for correct, given as a surname to judges. Though the family comes from the Czech Republic, the name stems from the days of the Austrian Empire when German was the official language of the area. The first Richtigs to come to Canada were Matej Richtig (b. 1923, Brno, Czech Republic) and Elfriede (Wagner) Richtig (b. 1925, Lübeck, Germany), with three children in tow. The family grew in Canada to five children, of which all Canadian Richtigs (that are known) descend from.

The descendants of these Richtigs received from their non-Richtig ancestors ties to Anishinabe and Loyalist traditions.