Richtig Calendar

The Richtig Calendar is based on a year divided into eight sections. The sections of the year follow the light cycle as experienced from Ontario. The calendar was devised from observations made in both Northern and Southern Ontario. The purpose of the Richtig Calendar was to provide a more congruent calendar system that is not based on a European system of conceptualizing the year.

The sections of the calendar are as follows:

Spring 45 days (February 26th – April 11th +1 day for leap years)

Terra 48 days (April 12th – May 29th)

Summer 45 days (May 30th – July 13th)

Celesta 50 days (July 14th – August 31st)

Fall 45 days (September 1st – October 15th)

Luna 45 days (October 16th – November 29th)

Winter 45 days (November 30th – January 13th)

Soma 42 days (January 14th – February 25th)

The four seasons Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter are all 45 days in length. Each of these items has either a solstice or equinox as the middle day (day 23). They represent approximately one half of the year (180 days). The other four sections of the calendar denote the transition time between the seasons.