Dialectic English

Dialectic English began as a project by Kyle Richtig to create a simpler way of writing the English language. Kyle began this task in 2006, while working as an adult literacy instructor. The aim was to create a system of writing that used only one sound per specific character arrangement.

Dialectic English contains no silent letters. The result is a major savings in text length. A movement toward using Dialectic English could increase the amount of information transmitted within any given space. This could potentially save both screen/character space on the internet, but also produce shorter printed books. Shorter printed books means more trees.

In addition, Dialectic English allows for the speaker’s accent to come through to further personalizing the words. This decentralized version of English could facilitate a fragmentation of the English speaking world, or it could allow for better English literacy and fluency. Individuals introduced to English for the first time would be allowed to read English produced by speakers they have heard. Therefore, reading would require the same complexity of decoding as listening requires.

Sample of Dialectic English below taken from Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis:

Dialectic English Sample

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