Brood X

Brood X is a collection of bisexual goth romance chapbooks set in the late 1990s by Kyle Richtig.

The story begins with Erebus and Eden fleeing to the road to escape the confines of their lives. The world is beginning to accept gay people, but as bisexuals, Erebus and Eden feel systematically excluded from both the straight and gay world. One must be one or the other.

Erebus and Eden take off in Eden’s father’s car, hoping to find a new life in adventure. What they find on the road, is danger, love and responsibility. Can the road save them?

Available now:

Erebus and Eden

Erebus and Eden: Brood X, Book One and Two

Decadent Mansion

Decadent Mansion, Brood X Book 3

Coming soon:

Bleeding Velvet Skies

Edward’s Ascension

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might



A Shroud of Scars

A Sea of Suns

The Tear Stones

Tethered in Velvet