Crave EP Released!

Kyle Richtig’s new EP Crave is now available on all major streaming services.

Crave is the first single from the forthcomingf album Sensation.

Crave is the story of a crush that knows someone is pining for them; however, that person will not approach their crush. The crush is interested, but only if the other person will have the courage to speak to them. Most of us know when we are interested in someone else that intimidates us. We are less aware of when someone else has a crush on us. It’s happened to you, even if you don’t think it has. Even as the crush knows someone is interested in them, they wait to be approached. Sometimes the crush is just as unable to make the bridge. The moral of the story, tell someone when you like them. We often keep outselves single.

The Crave EP features Sensation outtakes Intermission Emission and Sparks, Pareidolia outtake Erosynchronous, and an extended mix of Motorcycle from the album Boy Smells.

Album Tracklist:

  1. Crave
  2. Motorcycle (Extended Mix)
  3. Intermission Emission
  4. Crave (Extended Mix)
  5. Sparks
  6. Erosynchronous



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