Amulet Music Video Released!

Kyle Richtig’s latest video project from the album Pareidolia is now live! Take a look and share!

Amulet is found on the album Pareidolia. This is the first video released from the album.

The song Amulet is an instrumental song like all songs on the album Pareidolia. Pareidolia is a trick of the brain and is often unique to each individual. The exclusion of lyrics in making these songs was intentional so that listeners could create their own imagery to match the music. With the video for Amulet, Richtig wrote a short poem based on the feelings he associated with the song.

“The poem I wrote for Amulet is the TL;DR of my life. Each image and word combination chronicles the different stages of my life through time. It wouldn’t be fair to say that these were the only times, but more of the path that I took when feeling the emotions that this song triggers. Amulet ties into the Spirit House songs. If the Spirit House songs were the situations I was in with my inner sabbateur, Amulet was my reaction in those times.”

If you would like to discuss the video, or anything else – hit up Kyle on his Twitter feed @kylerichtig



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