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We All Get Older Coming Soon!

We All Get Older is the upcoming album by Kyle Richtig. The new album features vocal versions of some of your favourite songs. The album is set to hit streaming services August 27th, 2021.

We All Get Older features songs from Transition, Second Son, Boy Smells, and from Bandcamp album Technological Advances. These songs were chosen specifically by me as some of my favourite songs from the albums.

The songs on We All Get Older were recorded in several different cities in Canada:

Whispered Truths was recorded for the Demise sessions. Demise was the first project I worked on back in 2006 in Whitby, ON. Most of these songs ended up on the album Technological Advances, which was released on. Bandcamp in 2016.

Breaker was recorded for a short electronic project simply called 2009 EP. These songs were recorded in Sault Ste. Marie, ON. The song Robolove also originated from the 2009 EP. Most of the songs from the 2009 EP were also released as bonus tracks on Technological Advances and on the Spotify album Lost Thoughts.

Daisies & Roses, Runaway and Decolonize were recorded for the Second Son sessions in Peterborough, ON. Second Son was the first major electronic project I had done since Demise.

Prison, Transition and Unpack were recorded for the Transition sessions. Transition was recorded in Dieppe, NB. Transition marked the move of worlds between Ontario and New Brunswick.

Stallion, Motorcycle and App were recorded for the Boy Smells sessions. Boy Smells explores the world of gay male sexuality and fetishism. Boy Smells was originally conceptualized as just a bit of fun, and its uncomplicated nature made it a hit.

Tracklist & Lyrics:

  1. Prison
  2. Daisies & Roses
  3. Stallion
  4. Whispered Truths
  5. Transition
  6. Motorcycle
  7. Runaway
  8. Unpack
  9. Breaker
  10. Decolonize
  11. App


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