Top 5 Chapbook Downloads

We’ve been watching the data! Here are your top 5 favourite Kyle Richtig chapbook downloads on Richtig Haus.

5 Flux – Sault Ste. Marie, ON, 2008


Flux was written in Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Flux is a combination of poetry and flash fiction written during my time as Editor – in – Chief with Inscribed ~ A Magazine for Writers. I took the cover picture for Flux at a friend’s wedding as the sun was setting. Flux was the first real chapbook that I produced. Download Flux here.

4 The Sun On My Palm – Peterborough, ON, 2016

The Sun On My Palm was written in Peterborough, ON. It was an incredibly hot day when I took the cover photo. I remember that I was only able to sit in the sun for a few minutes because the sun was so searing. The Sun On My Palm was written during some intense freelance work when I was producing a lot, but unable to share with my fans. Ghostwriting sucks. Download The Sun On My Palm here.

3 Bawahting: Sault Ste. Marie – Peterborough, ON, 2015

Poems by Richt Haus

Bahwating: Sault Ste. Marie was written in Peterborough, ON as a small poetry side project. I wrote this while working for the Peterborough Native Learning Program for my students. It is wonderful to see it is still as popular today. Download Bawahting: Sault Ste. Marie here.

2 As The Sky Burns – Moncton, NB, 2019

As The Sky Burns was written in Moncton, NB. The works in this chapbook are a bridge between my life in Ontario and my subsequent move to New Brunswick. The cover photo for this chapbook was taken at around 5am behind my house. I was working overnights, and every morning was greeted to a beautiful sunrise upon returning home. Download As The Sky Burns here.

1 Covidicus – Moncton, NB, 2020

poetry book cover

Covidicus was written in Moncton, NB during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of an essential worker. Download Covidicus here.

Kyle Richtig is currently working on a new chapbook project. He hopes to have it released in 2021!


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