Kyle Richtig Journal

Dark Thoughts EP Released!

My new EP Dark Thoughts was released to streaming services on Friday! The song The Cycle (Let Me Out Mix) was featured on the #indiemusic playlist on Spotify on the day of release.

The Dark Thoughts EP features lyric, extended and remix versions of songs from Severed and Second Son, and a remix from Deteriorate. There are two new songs, Tethered and Spirit House III (Spirit House I & II are featured on the album Transition). The video for the song Dark Thoughts was released on March 26th, 2021.

Track List

  1. Dark Thoughts
  2. Everywhere (Seraphim Mix)
  3. The Cycle (Let Me Out Mix)
  4. Dark Thoughts (Canvas of Stars Mix)
  5. False Security (Running Scared Mix)
  6. Tethered
  7. Spirit House III

Check out lyrics here!


The Dark Thoughts EP follows the same tone as Severed, dark and melodic with just a hint of one losing their mind. I took the cover picture at one of the local beaches looking out to the Atlantic Ocean. Anyone who knows me, knows I have an irrational fear of sharks. Each time I look at the ocean, I can only imagine what lurks beneath the waves waiting for a meal. I have ventured into both the Atlantic and the Pacific; however, it never feels as safe as Lake Superior.

The songs I pulled together for Dark Thoughts were brought forth by the 18 year old goth boy that still skulks around the attic of my mind. He had many dark thoughts, and wrote poems by candlight through his tears. I may have pulled myself togther over the years, but often return to the music of this time. Music has the ability to transcend time and space. With the right album, I can close my eyes and slip directly back into that time. Drop into Dark Thoughts and lose yourself for a few mintues…


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