Kyle Richtig Journal


For once there was a secret, which lived beneath my skin
A darkening experiment in select season drawn in

It often passed my notice in slight footsteps of hue
Yet now the one beam reveals just where the patches grew

The light eclipses dark, winter’s silent night of vitiligo
Still revealed in the spring is the insatiable appetite of the Wendigo

Friends and family speak song of fantasy when they say they do not its presence
But in the simplicity of this lie, invisibility fuels the fire of resent

Bit by bit like serpentine brethren shed my skin and youthful glow
While today’s children point and gawk at the limits of what they know

Even now when the sky opens and tongues of fire lap my skin
I cannot separate myself from the pain that comes from within

Fore I know not where I am going, only from where I learned was home
The boy who fell in love with the summer sun, is the man who cannot roam


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