Kyle Richtig Journal

Dark Thoughts Music Video Released!

New video for the song Dark Thoughts from the album Severed.

Dark Thoughts is the music video I would have made when I was 20 if I had access to the equipment. I didn’t, so forth it came some years later. Severed is the album I would have made then too. This was before trigger warnings – in fact we actively sought being triggered.

Even know when I see things differently, I hold some nostalgia for the years I faded to black…


I have dark thoughts
All through the night

Fight the urge to draw blood
Its only real when washed in red
Crimson tears in rivulets
Like a prayer of pain for the dead

Black candles with flickering flame
Cascading wax kisses your skin
Beckoning hollow vestige of soul
Buried crevaces of memory within

don’t give in
cold is the grave
you watch the light die
and pray for more time

Velvet pillow under alabaster head
Tears are wiped away
YOu did not take the time
To write down your goodbye


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