Sing It Video Released!

Kyle Richtig’s third video project form the Another Night Another Boy EP is now live! Take a look and share!

Sing It is the third and final video from the Another Night Another Boy EP. Originally from the album Boy Smells, Sing It was one of the first songs selected for the album. Richtig described the song as a memory from striking blindly in the 90s. We didn’t always know when it was safe to hit on another guy – it could mean you were going home with a friend, or with a black eye.


Two guys dancing in the crowd

He might be waiting for his girl

I have something on my mind

To dance a little closer

He keeps running into me

Four bottles made it intentional

He gives me a sly smile

To get me naked just


Sing it

I get next to him

And tell him I’ve got green

He nods to the bass line

I point back at the door

We stumble into the night

Laughing and falling on each other

He’s never done this before

To get me naked just



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