Kyle Richtig Journal

The Soul Of The Harvest

New poem by Kyle Richtig, The Soul Of The Harvest explores the concept of how the harvest gave us the world we live in today.

The Soul of the Harvest 

Baskets held high,
 - through animistic eyes -
 the harvesters cycle was mutual.
 For in days of yore,
 - before opening agrarian door - 
 we entrusted the seasons spiritual.
 Amongst those days
 the souls gave praise,
 for all that came from the Earth;
 all are containers to hold
 and with produce coloured bold,
 are nourished between death and birth.
 Then the knowledge tree
 told us what could be
 and we learned to furrow and sew.
 The harvest grew
 - from what we knew - 
 and ego crept out of the shadow.
 It took little time,
 for the sinister to climb
 and dazzle to conceal the truth.
 For quickly was learned:
 power is best earned
 by controlling the will of the youth.
 Bounty sold as oppression,
 all are given impression
 that submission equates security,
 the right to be served,
 - birth right deserved -
 and beneath the servants seek purity.
 Still the demon devours
 - all waking hours - 
 as complexity grows within the beast.
 World new and old
 grow to behold
 the hunger of the many mouthed feast.

 The knowledge still grew
 - fuelled by the few - 
 divorced from Earth’s desire to give
 and the population exploded.
 Root topic avoided:
 considering just how many should live.
 All economies tied
 to a world of divide
 where edible food becomes waste.
 Starvation for those
 who never chose
 to live in a world centred on taste.

 Now the agrarian beast
 relishes the feast
 of digesting the last of the Earth.
 We watch biodiversity die, 
 as we question why
 - a challenge against our own worth -

 We continue our surge
 as lands submerge.
 We focus on self, satisfaction and power.
 But when ecology ends,
 - no matter your friends -
 all that’s left to choke on is sour.

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