Richtig Haus

Prank Monkey #36

Flip over a book on a target’s desk.

Offices often have staff members that are overly organized. Overly organized people often feel the need to suggest ways that others could organize, as they feel everyone should want to. The worst of these individuals describe themselves as “OCD clean”. People who truly have OCD do not describe their issues in such a flippant manner. This disregard of the emotional turmoil an individual experiences with obsessive compulsive disorder makes them a good target to learn a lesson.

The key to the organization of these people is an ability to see change. Change=mess and mess=change. An organized person who leaves a book on their desk, will know how they left it. Simply flipping the book over during their lunch period will let them know someone was at their desk. The fact that they can see one change, will have them looking for others. They will create their own wild goose chase of changes.

These people do not wish to lose face, just like anyone else. “Who turned over the book on my desk?”, sounds petty and crazy. They will keep their observations to themselves until it continues. When the target begins to carry on about someone touching items on their desk, they will unsettle those around them. Individuals who want to be seen as very organized often do so because they value the views of others. Disrupting their ability to keep up their professional mask will have them ruining their own reputation.


  1. For diversity use different coloured dolls. If targeting due to  a colleague’s racist tendencies, only use racially identifiable dolls.
  2. If the target uses binders, change the order of the contents.
  3. Inventory the types and colours of pens the target uses. Replace all the pens with the same count and colour from another brand.
  4. Put a small coin (such as a dime) into books so they fall out when the target picks them up.


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