5 Ways Polyamory Could Positively Affect Poverty

The status of your bank statement is not fundamentally a first step in considering if polyamory is right for you. The essence of polyamory is building multiple emotion based relationships with other adults. This can take many forms – from tightly knit closed groups, to loosely knit solo polyamorists. This article explores options particularly for those who are living in a group setting (i.e. three or more adults under one roof).

  1. More income for a household. 

What person that is living in poverty couldn’t use a helping hand in a monetary sense? There are more people to go off to work everyday in a polyamorous group. This could mean much more income, less employed hours for everyone (hours that can be applied to other projects), or childcare so that more than one person can seek employment (eliminating the high cost of childcare from the home’s expenses).

  1. Potential for more skills in the home.

All people have value. We all have different experiences and different skills that we can bring to the table. These skills have the potential to save money for the family that may have had to look for outside assistance in the past. One partner may be great at home repairs, another partner may be an amazing knitter. Each person’s skills contribute to a better whole, and gives each member of the family the opportunity to increase their skills if they wish. That said, do not expect that just because one partner is an amazing gardener that they are necessarily also a great teacher. Sometimes offering your assistance is the best way to be considerate and pick up new skills.

  1. More hands means it’s easier to not rely on fast food.

Fast food is meant to be an indulgence. Over the years, certain fast food restaurants have lowered their prices to such an extent that they too easily become a fall back plan when one is too exhausted to think about cooking dinner. These places also offer full (not necessarily nutritious) meals at a price that can not be reproduced at home because of the cost of the ingredients or the time commitment to prepare. With more adults in the home, meal preparation can be a shared experience or traded off so that it does not become overwhelming.

  1. Additional emotional support for addictions.

Addictions are not always easily identifiable, but definitely take their toll on the family’s economic resources. Cigarettes, carbonated drinks, alcohol and even thrift shopping are just a few examples of such addictions. Support groups are an effective tool used by many when working on their own issues. Working with your partners toward a better you allows the group to grow together.

  1. Starting a business can be easier with more support.

Many people consider what operating a business is like, but not about the massive amount of time and energy it takes to get it off the ground. Having more adults in your relationship offers more skills and support to a budding business, but more importantly offers more perspectives on how to get started. More perspectives offer the advantage of challenging your ideas of what your business is capable of and keep you more grounded in your approach.

Polyamory is a great way to find more support and resources within your own home. Wanting more support and resources is not the reason one should engage in polyamory, but is simply a by-product of it. If you have done the appropriate relationship soul searching, you may find that it is time to move forward with polyamory and create a situation that works for you!

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