Kyle Richtig Journal

Breath EP Released!

Breath is the first remix EP from Kyle Richtig’s album Boy Smells. Breath is Kyle’s first vocal release on major streaming services. Breath began streaming on Friday, October 30th, 2020. Listen here on Spotify!

Writing the album Boy Smells was an exploration of gay male sexuality – that is to say, my experiences with the concepts and propaganda of gay culture. Boy Smells started as a fun side project wherein I would have free range to say and admit anything I want. The pressure of distribution, fans and backlash can often stymie one’s creativity. That said, Breath is one of the less innocuous songs on the album.

The inspiration for the song breath comes from a relationship I had a long time ago. I was newly 18 and as in most young love, the idea of love and romance was our focus rather than the boring practicalities of committed life. He introduced me to the idea of sharing breath – the action of breathing through each other’s mouths while engaged in a kiss. He told me that it was like breathing in my soul. Looking back, this would probably give me pause today; however, as a young abandonment issues laiden teenager, it was exactly what I wanted to hear.

While that relationship certainly did not work out in the end (as few teenage relationships do), this was my first foray into turning fantasy into reality. The song Breath speaks to those first moments alone together – where we could both be seen, both express and both be loved without judgement.

I have not spoken to him in many years. We drifted apart as distance and new relationships took to the forefront. Wherever you are now, I hope you are well (and still remember those Chicora days).


I breathe out, you breathe in, I breathe out And you take me all the way in I push in, you push back on me And my breath on your neck sets you free You take your breath from me You come alive under me You want all of me inside of you Whatever you want that’s what I’ll do I tie your hands above your head And you want me to be master I tear your clothes from your body And have my way with you


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