Top 10 Posts on Richtig Haus

Richtig Haus as a web site goes back further than its current incarnation. Richtig Haus absorbed two other blogs along the way: Kyle Richtig’s Journal (which had also pulled from even farther back!) and 3 Men 1 House. So to be fair, the statistics that made up this list may be a little skewed. The more acurate title may be: Top 10 Posts [based solely on when they appeared] on Richtig Haus.

The list as made by our reader’s view statistics spans several of Richtig Haus’ categories. Explore the list and see if maybe you missed out!

10. Can Men Be Feminists? by Randy Nicholas.

A look at Randy’s perspective of feminism for men.

9. 3 Men 1 Jordan Peterson by 3 Men 1 House.

3 Men 1 House reacts to Jordan Peterson’s perspective on polyamory.

8. Wentworth vs. Orange is the New Black by Kyle Richtig.

A look at how two women’s prison shows: Wentworth (Australia) and Orange is the New Black (USA).

7. Top 10 RuPaul’s Drag Race Disasters by Kyle Richtig.

RuPaul’s Drag Race has done many amazing things for the world. Here are some contestants that didn’t make that bar.

6. Assimilation and Cultural Endurance: Colonizing the Family by Randy Nicholas.

One of Randy Nicholas’ looks at the residential school system.

5. Trump Announces “Trump University 2.0” by Fictitious News.

A humours parody of a Trump announcement.

4. Sia Confesses Origins of Cellophane by Fictious News.

A fictious story of Sia’s inspiration for the song Cellophane.

3. Star Trek: Polyamorous Power Couples by 3 Men 1 House.

A look at how polyamory could have solved some of the romantic issues on Star Trek.

2. RuPaul to Head Sharknado 4 by Fictitious News.

While this never came to pass in the real world, Sharknado 4 was falsely rumoured to be in the hands of Mr. RuPaul Charles. Since it’s your second favourite, I can assume you wanted this to happen too!

1. Polyamory and Personality Type by 3 Men 1 House.

3 Men 1 House has been collecing information on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) preferences of polyamorous people for years. While not strictly speaking a clinical research experiment, the incoming information in the updates was interesting.



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