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Top 10 Songs By Kyle Richtig

With the release of my most recent Instrumental album, Severed, I thought I would check into what songs have been most popular around the world. Here are the the Top 10 songs that have been most played. For fun, I included the country where the song was most popular and any countries where it appeared in their Top 5 most played songs. I wonder if you will be as surprised as I am by the results!

All of these songs were released in instrumental form as I worked on my own technical infrastructure to hopefully engineer better sounds. If you want to hear the vocal versions, I have included a link to where I have posted them on Bandcamp!

10. Broken Halo (Instrumental Version), from the album Second Son – Top Country: Germany

Broken Halo is a song I wrote after my divorce from my first partner. I wrote an entire unreleased acoustic album “The Journey” to delve into the issues surrounding how I got into the situation I did. Blame was irrelevant, it was about finding out what part I had to play, and hopefully, to not repeat those mistakes. Vocal Bandcamp Version

9. Man Box (Instrumental Version), from the album Transition – Top Country: Canada

Man Box was also written first as an acoustic song back in 2012. At the time, I was struggling with notions of gender, inequality and the idea that men are somehow not affected or enslaved by ideas of masculinity. As much as women need feminists to share their problems with gender roles, men need to stand up to the idea that they need not be described as “boys who like toys”, be relegated to the garage, or be required to live up to societies construct of a man. Bandcamp Vocal Version

8. Drip (Instrumental Version), from the album Second Son – Top Country: Canada

Drip is a funny song that I wrote that lives in the mystery of its meaning. Many assume that there is a sexual connotation to this song. I have described it nonsensically as referring to having a cold. I’ll let you decide for yourself what meaning it gives you. Bandcamp Vocal Version

7. Transition (Instrumental Version), from the album Transition – Top Country: Canada

Transition as an album records my movement from my homeland of Ontario to the land of New Brunswick. The song Transition is the synthesis of this experience, speaking mostly to my own perceptions of where and when I was. This is one of my favourite songs to sing along to. Bandcamp Vocal Version

6. 90s Dance Party (Instrumental Version), from the album Lost Thoughts – Top Country: USA, Top 5: UK

90s Dance Party appears on both Lost Thoughts (as an instrumental song) and Transition. Lost Thoughts is a collection of snippets of songs and some of the stranger forays into electronic music I have done. This song was written as a memory of attending Much Music video dance parties when I was a teenager. Bandcamp Vocal Version

5. Runaway (Instrumental Version), from the album Second Son – Top Country: Canada, Top 5: Germany, Mexico

This song was written in the time toward the end of my life in Peterborough. I wanted to leave for several years, and this song became the anthem of the search for a new home. This song points to the double edged sword that even when you feel like you are not at home, it’s the love around you that is home. Bandcamp Vocal Version

4. Wind, from the album Earth Tones – Top Country: Austria

I am interested at how this song gained so much traction in Austria. Is it a particularly windy country? My last name, Richtig, actually comes from Austrian German. My grandfather’s family is from the Czech Republic and his ancestors gained their name during the time the Austrian Empire ruled the region. The album Earth Tones was about me connecting with my ties to nature. It appears that it appeals to those with similar roots as well. Earth Tones is an instrumental album.

3. I Wanna Shoot (Instrumental Version), from the album Second Son – Top Country: Canada, Top 5: USA, Japan, UK

The album Second Son was written during a time where I was working in a hyper-masculine environment. I wanted to write a song that brought together how masculinity and sex between men is neither incompatible nor is it something that negates each other. If anything, love and sex between men is the ultimate power grab from societal expectations. This is further explored in songs such as Man Box (#9 on this list) and Non-Toxic (from the album Transition). Bandcamp Vocal Version

2. Star, from the album Earth Tones – Top Country: Japan, Top 5: UK

Star is the first song I have ever had another artist do a remix of. Hear it here. This was something I stumbled upon myself, and it made my millennium. I was so happy to see that someone else liked my song enough to give it a new life. This song was made with my friend Katie Doidge in mind, as the star has always been a symbol in her life. She is one of the special people who helped me learn how to play guitar back in Toronto. Earth Tones is an instrumental album.

1. Tuesday (Instrumental Version), from the album Second Son – Top Country: USA

Tuesday is an old song that originally I recorded as an acoustic song back in 2004/5 sometime. It is a song about that time in new young love where nothing matters but each other. While I am sure that these feelings never served me well in the long term, there is something beautifully nostalgic about that young man that I was. If only abandonment issues could be solved by others, I would have had much less problems than I did. Fittingly enough, the man this song was written about moved to the United States not too long after this song was written. I wonder if he has heard it and remembered this time we shared. Bandcamp Vocal Version



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