Kyle Richtig Journal

Severed Released!

The instrumental versions of Kyle Richtig’s new album Severed have been released! It is available on your favourite streaming service. There are vocals underway, and those versions are expected to be out soon (hopefully!).

I started working on Severed almost immediately after completing the Deteriorate Trilogy: Deteriorate, Reiterate & Obliterate. COVID-19 had me trapped in my house much of the summer, and gave me the opportunity to work on some new projects. The lack of new media this summer had me take a few trips back into my music past. Severed takes a few nods from some of my teenage years as a goth – hence the cover.

I have been working on vocals alongside the music for a few months now, and will be getting ready to record soon. My first vocal tracks released on major streaming services will be out this month. The single “Breath” will be released on October 30th, and is from the album Boy Smells. It features a few remixes of the song and the full vocal version. I may work on a few more singles from Boy Smells before the unveiling of the Severed vocal versions. In addition, I am working on a German album for my fans (and family) from Germany and Austria called “Herr Richtig”. So much to do!



  1. Dark Thoughts
  2. Everywhere
  3. Rain Falls
  4. Everyone
  5. Vexed
  6. Everything
  7. Shadow Play
  8. Neverending
  9. Revelation 22:15
  10. Scars
  11. Slipstream


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