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Amuse: Music Distribution

Have you recorded music and want to get it out to the world? Amuse may be the right app for you!

At Richtig Haus we have been recording music for many years, and have tried an amalgamation of different apps and sites to bring our music to the world. This has certainly not been easy! Most distribution channels and sites require a subscription or paid services to bring your music forward. This is not true of Amuse.

Amuse does have both paid and unpaid services (and to be honest we do utilize the paid services now). We first used the free options of Amuse, as I am wary of signing up for contracts that do not have proven results – and I generally don’t believe what a site’s marketing tells me about their product. I was amazed at the process, after years of trying to deal with distribution models that wanted to charge me for the service of uploading my music.


  • Free distribution to sites such as Apple Music, Google Music and Spotify.
  • Free app which provides statistics on plays and royalties.
  • Web version for uploading music (releases can also be done on the app; however I find it more cumbersome to do/prepare).
  • All background contracts, payments, etc. are managed by Amuse.
  • Daily report on plays (with a two day lag for verification – i.e. Friday you receive Wednesday’s data).


  • Free version has a 30 day lag between upload and release (Pro version gives a two week expedited option).
  • Royalty reports are refreshed monthly.
  • Depending on the distribution channel, royalties can take several months to populate. (i.e. Spotify refreshes September data on October 1st; Amazon refreshes July data on October 1st)
  • Once an item has been distributed to stores, it can no longer be updated/changed.
  • When an item has been submitted to Amuse, it can sometimes take a week or more before approval for distribution (or changes required) to occur.

Amuse is a great app for home based musicians who wish to get their music out on the market. Due to the high level distribution channels they market to, music must be recorded well and they will have no qualms in kicking back a release that does not meet their standards. While this has been a pain for me (i.e. see how my vocal releases are on Bandcamp only due to my lack of knowledge on vocal engineering!), this also builds the integrity of their product. When Apple Music, Spotify or Amazon receive a release from Amuse, they can be rest assured that it has been properly vetted for quality.

What you need to get started:

  1. Download the Amuse app from your appropriate store.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Have one or more tracks recorded and converted to .wav format.
  4. Have a cover photo that is at least 3000 x 3000 pixels (see guidelines for allowed content).

Once you have submitted your release through Amuse, you will be able to claim your artist profile in Apple Music, etc. Get ready for your music career or hobby to begin! Once you are on the big platforms, you can say you’re a star.


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