On Writing: Adam & Steve

Adam & Steve was written at a time when I believed in using parody to reclaim power. I was honestly tired of hearing, “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” throughout much of my life, and this became a passive aggressive way of dealing with it. These days I find that inaction is preferable.

The actual story about Adam and Eve is said to be an allegory for the discovery of agrarianism in antiquity. The tree of knowledge signifies humanity’s understanding of taming nature, or better yet, an attempt to tame it. Agrarianism does provide a reliable food source. It also provides many other tasks and trappings. I focused the story of love which similarly takes tending and a renegotiating of one’s life.

“Adam & Steve.” Inscribed ~ A Magazine For Writers, Volume One Issue Three. August, 2006.

“Adam & Steve.” Volume One: Inscribed, ed. By Randy Nicholas. Inscribed, 2007.

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