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Free Album: Green Sessions

Green Sessions is a free acoustic album download by Kyle Richtig. Get your copy on Bandcamp today!

I recorded the songs for the album Green Sessions at Richtg Haus in Whitby, ON. They were not written with the idea of releasing an album, but rather to get out the myriad of emotions that swirled around my life in 2005. When the amount of songs I was recording started to mount, I lumped these songs together as a snapshot of the time they were recorded. I’m making this album a free download to celebrate making it through to 2006.

Track List

  1. As Thoughts Wander – based on an old poem I found about my first boyfriend. That relationship is really summed up in the line, I know you’re not here, but am comforted. It took me a long time to understand that what I felt about him had nothing to do with him, and all about my own abandonment issues.
  2. Green – back in 2005 Richtig Haus was a safe harbour for those who enjoyed marijuana in a world where outlawing a plant makes sense. This song represents the summer, making music and new friends.
  3. Patchouli – a song about an ex-girlfriend of mine and the feelings I should have been better about expressing at the time both to her and myself. Patchouli is one of the few songs that I wrote and thought of as beautiful in sentiment.
  4. Photograph – on the day of the Great Tsunami of 2004 I embarked on a road trip from Whitby, ON to San Jose, CA by car. The tsunami messed up the weather for a few days, and there were great thunderstorms in the desert of Arizona mixed with hot sun patches. I was driving with my then husband to drop him off at his new home in California. While I supported the move, I was filled with more conflict than I could express.
  5. Snow Day – same subject but a few months later when I was already back in Ontario. Snow Day, looking back, could also be called Positive Denial as I was actively not listening to the people around me.
  6. It’s A Jude Kind Of Day – by the summer of 2005 I had made some new friends that were my salvation. The best friend I made was a lady named Jude. She taught me how to drum and all about the sugar-phosphate backbone of DNA. I never had a bad time when Jude came over.
  7. Self-fulfilling Prophecy – toward the end of 2005 I began to reflect on the choice for my relationship to have thousands of kilometres standing between us. I was starting to admit to myself that perhaps there was more going on than I wanted to face – sort of a gathering of pieces to start to put together the puzzle of the truth.
  8. Strong Man – in 2005 my grandfather Matěj Richtig passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. I wrote this song while on my bereavement leave as I didn’t have enough money to go visit my family. There were many times I would break down mid-song. I lived alone for all of 2005 which made it all the worse.

These eight songs transport me immediately back to my sunny living room in 2005. I hope everyone enjoys the trip back with me.


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