Richtig Haus

Prank Monkey #35

Point flaws out to perfectionists.

Perfectionists like things to be perfect – that should go without saying. They often spot flaws in their environment, and will complain about these minor issues. In their verbiage then tend to use the phrase “X really bothers me.” When I encounter these people it often astounds me what really bothers them.

It really bothered one coworker that the bathroom cleaners would often change where the garbage was (the bathroom was small and in no way did this change its comfort, functionality or flow). I wondered what it would be like to live in a world where something as mundane as where the garbage was placed in the men’s room would feel. I feel I should also note that this coworker was female, and thus was even less impacted by the change. From that day forward I always changed where the garbage was when I encountered it. 

Use this against them by finding out new items to point out to them such as:

• paint peeling

• water stains on the ceiling

• floor/carpet stains

• proofreading errors in all documents

The best items to find, are those that are out of reach of the perfectionist, or are out of their control to fix. Ceiling flaws are a favourite item as they are often impossible to correct. Unkept items and disorganization will not be their ally, and they will begin to become the dark cloud that hangs over the office complaining. 


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