Poly Personality Update V

This is the most recent update for the Polyamory Personality Survey.  It has been a few months since we have updated the Polyamory Personality Survey. We would like to invite any poly people who would like to do a guest post to email 3men1house@gmail.com. 

Since beginning the survey in 2014, we have had results come in from Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and England. While many polyamorists may not know any other poly groups, they are out there. It wasn’t until we moved to the east coast that we had the opportunity to meet other poly people in person. 

If you are a solo polyamorist, or simply another pod that has no local support, we understand! If you would like to make a connection with us, please feel free to connect with us at 3men1house@gmail.com.

Intuitive Thinkers [PD: Green] (45%): ENTP = 0% ENTJ = 16% INTP = 10% INTJ = 19%

Intuitive Feelers [PD: Blue] (39%): ENFP = 3% ENFJ = 3% INFP = 19% INFJ = 13%

Sensory Perceivers [PD: Orange] (6%): ESTP = 0% ESFP = 3% ISTP = 0% ISFP = 3%

Sensory Judgers [PD: Gold] (10%): ESTJ = 0% ESFJ = 3% ISTJ = 3% ISFJ = 3%

Gender Identity: Female = 45% Male = 55% (no other results received)

     29% = Extraverts : Introverts = 71%
  84% = Intuitives : Sensors = 16%
  48% = Thinkers : Feelers = 52%
39% = Perceivers : Judgers = 61%


Over the past five data collection periods, there has been little change in the consistency of the results; however introverts have gained 16%, intuitives have lost 7%, and judgers have gained 6%. The percentage differential between the thinkers and the feelers is the only measure that wavers back and forth in results. Currently, the thinkers are 4% behind the feelers, but have gained 3%. We hope to continue to gather data and will update as available.

To participate, visit the Poly Survey. We look forward to your results!


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