Electric Owl Vomits Eel Released!

Electric Owl Vomits Eel is Richtig’s hand picked favourites from his albums Second Son (2018), Technological Advances (2015), Earth Tones (2004) and Transition (2019). Includes 4 previously unreleased tracks from personal projects: Wave (Life In A Scat Filled Universe, 2005), Wonder (Prayer Flags 2006), Asian Moon (New Songs 2008) and Polyamory (Second Son Outtake 2018).

I have thought about putting together a compilation of my favourite electronic songs since the release of Transition this spring. I was listening to Green Warriors while cleaning one day, and wished that some of my electronic had been included. Of course, since Green Warriors is a “best of” of my early acoustic songs, none were destined to make the cut.

Get Electric Owl Vomits Eel Here!

I started pulling together songs for the compilation in the spring under the dubious heading Electric Collection. As I listened to the playlist of songs that wove a tapestry of the past 15 years of my life, I had many opportunities to reflect on the highs and lows these songs once represented. Masticating these songs was a process that took a lot longer than I had anticipated. The touchstones of these memories – with myself as the intersection – sat and stared at me for some time before I knew how to proceed.

Like most of my inspiration, I was struck when in the shower as I was listening to the playlist. The words Electric Owl Vomits Eel popped into my head out of nowhere. I knew at that moment that I had the title for the collection. Everything seemed to fall into place from there.

Some of my favourite songs are also the songs I hear most about from my fans. Songs like Daisies & Roses (Second Son), Transition (Transition), The Cycle (Second Son) and Whispered Truths (Technological Advances) are cited from fans as their favourite song of all time. It is amazing to get feedback that you have touched the lives of others. It is what keeps me creating.


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