Kyle Richtig Journal

On Writing: Chocolates & Unemployment

I have worked in variety of office environments. Among other things, I was always the coffee glutton of the office. I tried to offset this by being the person who made the coffee. I thought if I ensured there was always coffee for the other staff, I wouldn’t have to feel bad for drinking it all. What this actually did was create an endless supply of coffee.

I find humour in people who are after everything. When I was younger, I joked with my friends that I was going to go to the public library (Main Branch at the foot of East St. for those from Sault Ste. Marie) and yell, “Everybody out! I’m checking out ALL the books!” I’ll admit that I never went through it, but I was unsure how they would handle this at the time. Of course, I had not considered that there was a limit in place for how many books one could check out at a time.

I’ll also admit that there have been times when money has been tight, and I relied on the kindness of strangers at work. Sometimes this amounted to free muffins. Sometimes it meant I ate all of the candy at reception. One time it meant that I ate another staff member’s unmarked chocolate bar. It wasn’t even a chocolate bar that I would have purchased. It was just a tempting set of calories that my body needed at the time.

Looking back, I don’t know that someone may lose their job over such an incident. Now that I have managed staff and gone through the pain of hiring, I think that this incident may have been swept under the rug. So if you see a box of chocolates that is unattended, I say go for it.

“Chocolates & Unemployment.” Twaddle: Issue One. June, 2006.

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