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Wentworth Season 7 Finale: Who Dies, Who Survives

A look at the wrap of of Season 7 The Siege (PT 1 +2). What could this mean for the future of Wentworth? Warning: Spoiler Alert!

I’ll admit that I was disappointed by Season 6 of Wentworth, specifically because of the evidence that Joan Ferguson was in fact dead in her grave. I was hoping that she would have clawed her way out, and in fact it appears that she may have (So who was in the grave? Here are some early theories.).

The finale of Season 7 of Wentworth ends many of the ongoing storylines leaving a blank slate for Season 8, (which will have a whopping 20 episodes!).

Episdode Death Count:

  1. Vicky Kosta
  2. May Jenkins
  3. Liz Birdsworth
  4. Sean Brody

Vera Bennett

Vera Bennett’s story thoughout Season 7 hinged on her pregnancy and relationship with Jake Stewart. She steps down from her governorship in favour of Will Jackson, opening a door for Marie Winter to manipulate the system. Ironically, Jake’s ex Sean Brody shows up to help Marie (further adding to the chaos of Vera’s image of Jake).

In the finale Vera is taken hostage, witnesses murders at close proximity, and gives birth in the boiler room. It is not surprising that at this point Vera decides that maybe Jake’s attempts to save her were genuine feelings and they seem at peace. I hope that once the newborn endorphins wear off, she will make room for the possibility that Jake might still be a jerk. 

Will Jackson

Since the death of Meg Jackson in Season 1, Will has been a mess. His ethical lines have always been flexible, which is what makes him bad at his job. Initially, Will appears to always have the women’s best interests at heart; however, his ability to bend the rules in favour of his emotions does not always work in his favour.

Will takes on the role of Governor of Wentworth when he has gathered enough emotional baggage to make him fairly ineffective. Marie Winter manipulates him and create the conditions of her escape attempt with this power. Fortunately for Will, Vera, (with later confirmation via Rita Connors), is most effective when she’s second in command and exposes Marie. Will is now free of Marie by the end of the season and should be able to forgive himself for Joan Ferguson‘s death if she returns. Will Mr. Jackson continue to ruin his own life by not looking for a new job?

Susan “Boomer” Jenkins

Boomer has always struggled with mother issues throughout the run of the show. She had unsuccessfully tried to conceive on at least two occaisions (first with Daz and later Maxine Conway), and we get a good synopsis of her relationship with her mother, May Jenkins, throughout the course of this season. Boomer realizes that mother figure Liz has been much more nuturing than anything bio-mom had to offer. This makes her sacrifice in euthanizing Liz that much more gut-wrenching.

Now that Boomer is likely to remain in Wentworth for killing Liz, will this be her opportunity to become top dog? Will becoming a mother to all the women allow her to honour Liz’s memory?

Liz Birdsworth

A women’s journey through the lens of dementia. Liz wins the award for saddest storyline of the season. While Liz does have the opportunity to reconnect with her son Artie (in a much nicer way than Sophie), it is ultimately her Wentworth family that must take care of her. Kaz Proctor and Boomer do their best to look out for Liz, but respecing her wishes puts everyone in danger.

Liz goes out with a bang in the season by protecting Boomer from her mother, saying goodbye to her son Artie, and assisting Vera in giving birth to Grace. Liz was one of the last prisoners from Season 1 left on the show (the only other main character remaining is Boomer), aside from Frankie Doyle who continues to make guest appearances. The show will be a different place without Liz.

Rita Connors

Transforming from cop to prisoner seems effortless for Rita who is most concerned with saving Roobi Mitchell over her own situation. Rita’s cop side resurfaces during Winter’s escape attempt leading her to not only take down Marie, but also to expose the Attourney General’s file.

Rita’s back story has been resolved throughout the season, which leaves her with a question mark regarding her return. Will she avoid prosecution? Her archetype reminds me of Judy Bryant from Prisoner, thus I would not be surprised to see her back on the inside. 

Allie Novak

Every top dog from Bea Smith to Marie Winter have had a connection with Allie Nowak. She is also responsible for each one of their destruction: Bea Smith dies seeking revenge for Allies supposed death, Joan Ferguson “dies” by taking Allie’s place in the box, Kaz Proctor dies following up on information she gets from Allie and Marie is shot by Allie.

Kaz’s story ends when it is revealed that Sean killed her to protect Marie and he is in turn killed by Allie. Allie is left without either Kaz nor Marie and reunites with Roobi Mitchell. Allie seems to be unable to take a breath between relationships. I expect she will coast along on another one of Roobi’s storylines in Season 8. 

Linda Miles

I see Linda Miles as cognant to the Prisoner character Colleen Powell, thus I was happy to see her finally move into the Deputy Governor position. I would have liked to have seen more development in Linda’s character. 

Sean Brody takes advantage of Linda Miles by manipulating her through her gambing addiction. This predictable moment did not pay Linda’s character justice, but at least introduced her to additional screen time. I hope more of her sarcastic wit makes it into Season 8.

The return of Joan Ferguson to the cast of Season 8 will be the highlight of my 2020. The changeover in the cast has been upsetting over the course of the past few years. Watching Prisoner as well over the past few years has given me an appreciation for this phenomenon. The truth is that the show’s continuity is found in the prison staff (Vera, Will, Linda, Ferguson) and the legacy they instilled.


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