Kyle Richtig Journal

New Album Transition to Debut in 2019

A year after the release of Second Son, Richtig is working on a new album. Transition follows Richtig’s journey away from his homeland into a new world.

Richtig’s new album Transition is the follow up to 2018s Second Son. Transition follows the move of Richtig Haus from Ontario to New Brunswick, deconstructs masculinity and electronic beats unveil some of Richtig’s personal struggles.

Transition breaks down into three different sections. Songs 1-5 reflect upon the issues leading up to the move – addiction, gender identity, and codependency. Songs 6-10 features the people that were involved and affected the transition. Songs 11-15 take stabs at the issues that bubble up after the move.

“This move away from Peterborough, Ontario was necessary,” Richtig says taking a sip of his coffee, “I spent eight miserable years there.

Currently still in production, Transition will be available for digital download soon on Bandcamp. Current scheduled release date is April 5, 2019.

If you can’t wait for new Kyle Richtig music, check out his other releases!


  1. Spirit House
  2. Prison
  3. Man Box
  4. Healing Heart
  5. Transition
  6. In Tow
  7. 90’s Dance Party
  8. Monkey Eyes
  9. Jaysong
  10. Yearning
  11. Unpack
  12. Green
  13. Non-Toxic
  14. Bi (Break It Down)
  15. Spirit House II



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