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Bat For Lashes Confesses “Laura” Origins

Fictitious News super fan Terra Reed, reached out to give us the exclusive scoop on the Bat for Lashes’ famous song “Laura”. She had an inside ear on the creation of the song at the time of its recording.

Bat For Lashes‘ song “Laura” is used for haunting moments in television. Known for its raw emotion, the song was used during Australia’s hit TV show Wentworth following the death of the main character. This was the last song written by Bat For Lashes’ singer/songwriter Natasha Khan for the album. She reluctantly recorded it having grown tired of writing piano ballads.

“Most of the people around her know the real origins of the song. She was being pressured by the music industry to produce a single for The Haunted Man, and didn’t know what to do. She was collaborating with Justin to produce a ballad but didn’t have any lyrics. She was watching a rerun of The Sarah Silverman Program and thought of her favourite character, Laura Silverman (the personality in the show, not the actress of the same name). Natasha has always had a fascination with the show, so she paid secret homage in her song.”

Laura Silverman was a main character on The Sarah Silverman Program from 2007 – 2010 along side her real life sister Sarah Silverman. Both sisters used their real names for their characters on the show, but created distinct characters for their roles. Laura Silverman plays the role of protective, gentle and supportive nurse to Sarah’s out of control Gen X slacker.

Reed was unable to answer whether Laura Silverman was aware of her role as muse for Khan. “I remember it like it was yesterday. We were watching [Episode 2.3 “Face Wars”] when Laura has a dream at the hospital that she is the centre of attention. Natasha literally said off the cuff, ‘Laura, you’re more than a superstar’.”



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