Kyle Richtig Journal

On Writing: From Forest to Fire

“From Forest to Fire” was my first short story to be chosen for publication even though it was not the first to appear publically. Perspectives Magazine was new at the time, and struggling to find the time to get all of their tasks done. I would estimate that this was accepted in March of 2006, and did not appear in print until July.

Perspectives’ call was specifically for pieces that had an inanimate point of view. My studies of anthropology taught me that there are cultures that believe both the animate and inanimate have a soul. I decided to blend both worlds with an item that transitioned from animate to inanimate, yet retained its soul.

As humans we are often disconnected from the items around us. Items in our homes that are made of wood. These items were once alive. They had a purpose and a place in the world before they were appropriated for our own purposes. The perspective of the wood is one we rarely take.

When I wrote this piece I was fully engrossed in Green Tomorrow – a grassroots environmental organization I founded with a few friends. I had hoped that this story would help to foster a dialogue about the merits of other forms of life. In “An Inconvenient Truth” haze I searched for ways I could make a difference at the home level.


“From Forest to Fire.” Perspectives Magazine, July 2006.


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