Poly Personality Update V

This is the most recent update for the Polyamory Personality Survey.  It has been a few years since we have worked on the Polyamory Personality Survey, or rather that long since we promoted its existence. I had envisioned that we may make some greater connections with other polyamorous people through our blog and survey, but this was sadly not the case.

Since beginning the survey in Peterborough, ON, Richtig Haus has moved to Moncton, NB. We had barely found ourselves here for more than a week or two when we met another polyamorous triad living not far from us. This sparked our interest in the survey again, and hope that we can provide more information on polyamorous personalities in the future!

If you are a solo polyamorist, or simply another pod that has no local support, we understand! If you would like to make a connection with us, please feel free to connect with us at 3men1house at gmail.com.

Intuitive Thinkers [PD: Green] (41%): ENTP = 0% ENTJ = 16% INTP = 9% INTJ = 16%

Intuitive Feelers [PD: Blue] (44%): ENFP = 6% ENFJ = 3% INFP = 19% INFJ = 16%

Sensory Perceivers [PD: Orange] (6%): ESTP = 0% ESFP = 3% ISTP = 0% ISFP = 3%

Sensory Judgers [PD: Gold] (9%): ESTJ = 0% ESFJ = 3% ISTJ = 3% ISFJ = 3%

Gender: Female = 41% Male = 59%

Extraverts = 31%
Introverts = 69%

Intuitives = 84%
Sensors = 16%

Thinkers = 44%
Feelers = 60%

Perceivers =41%
Judgers = 59%


New results have begun coming in since we promoted the Polyamory Personality Survey. The results so far are leaning toward the majority of individuals are introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging (INFJ). That is to say, these attributes are the ones that are overwhelmingly present in our respondents. Ironically, the MBTI configuration with the greatest respondent attribution is INFP.

To participate, visit the Poly Survey. We look forward to your results!


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