Need More Polyamorous Participants!

Hello our polyamorous friends and followers! We are looking to update our Polyamory Personality Project and want you to help!

In 2014, 3 Men and 1 House began a small information gathering project on the personality types of polyamorous people. We used the MBTI personality type framework to gather our data for a quick and easily accessible understanding. See the information on how to participate here!

Why should I participate in this survey?

If you want to have some fun and help us understand the polyamorous world that we live in, take the time to fill out the survey! We are hoping to gather enough data to create some information on how to best understand your polyamorous partner(s).

I don’t want to be identified as Polyamorous, but I want to be part of the community.

We do not ask for your full information. What we are interested in is your MBTI results, your gender, birth date and name. You do not have to provide your full name, first name or nickname works too. The name information is simply used as a unique identifier in our database.

How will my information be shared?

Your unique information is never shared. It is used as quantitative data to understand the genders, ages and personalities that are self-identified in the polyamorous world. All data is provided as percentages.

C’mon Mama

3 Men and 1 House have a special place in their heart for the drag queen Laganja Estranja. If you know her body of work, there is a Laganja quote for every situation of your life. For example, if you are a frustrated call centre agent that hates their job you may say to your callers, “Is your phone green? No? Then I’m not interested.” You are right, this paragraph has nothing to do with polyamory, just fun.


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