Prank Monkey

Prank Monkey #34

Leave doll parts in a target’s desk or in the staff dishwasher.

Fill a target’s entire desk drawer with doll parts. For effect, you may wish to specialize in one part, (i.e. arms, legs or torsos). For monetary savings, try and use all parts of the doll, but do not mix doll heads with other parts. Just doll heads works too.

The addition of doll parts to the dishwasher will not guarantee who gets pranked, but may extend over several people. People are often lazy by nature, and even if they see the doll parts, are likely not to clean up someone else’s mess. These people will only bring the matter to light as part of their experience once someone else has brought it into the public light.

If your prank happens to fall around Hallowe’en, or if just to incite panic amongst the staff, carve or paint symbols onto the doll parts. Cut off the hair on any doll heads in a random manner. Nothing looks scarier than inscribed doll heads with patchy hair.

Tip: Avoid racist overtones by doing your best to find multi-ethnic dolls for your prank. This is a good measure if accidentally caught, as a prankster does not need any other monikers to tarnish their name.



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