3 Men Meet 3 Men

We recently left the confines of our lives in Ontario to pursue a new path in New Brunswick. We were ready to move into a 2900 square foot home; we had no idea that it would offer us our first meeting of another polyamorous triad.

The move to Moncton brought about a rush of new things in our lives: we moved to a home that was 4 times the size of the one in Peterborough, we moved from the shelter of the Great Lakes to the Maritime clime, and we left all family behind. The move meant that we would have to build a new support network.

Not long after we moved here, Charles met Matt online. They chatted for some time before I began chatting with him as well. During our first conversation it came to light that Matt was also (like myself) was the eldest in an all male triad. Both Charles and I were ecstatic to find the elusive poly triad.

Matt revealed to me that he and his partner Eric lived about 40 minutes away (not far by Ontario Standards), and that they were both immigrants from other parts of Canada. Their boyfriend Max lives farther away in Halifax, and doesn’t have the opportunity to visit as often as they would like. Quickly, the six of us began corresponding on Instagram as our primary means of communication (Matt and Eric live in an area with poor cellular service).

One day Eric and I were discussing MBTI and our personal results. Through our conversation we discovered that the three of us and the tree of them are nearly identical. Matt and myself are both INTP. Eric and Charles are both ENFP. Edward and Max are nearly the same at INTJ and INFJ respectively. Edward’s T and F values are very close in his results which gave us some insight into why we all get along so well! More on this adventure as it evolves!


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