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Wentworth: The Musical (2018)

The world’s favourite prison is debuting on the big screen in the fall of 2018. Wentworth: The Musical already has critics speculating about which of the ever changing cast will make the cut. The list is surprising.

The star of Wentworth: The Musical is Frankie Doyle played by Nicole de Silva. The movie picks up from the end of Season 5, wherein Frankie escapes from Wentworth. Hell bent on proving her innocence, Frankie finds shelter with ex-girlfriend Sheila. Without Frankie, Sheila has become a junkie. Bereft of choices, Frankie is forced to hunker down in Sheila’s apartment. Here she is tempted by the same drugs she sold in Wentworth.

Early releases of song titles such as “Bea For Two”, “The Ballad of Boomer Jenkins”, “Saturday Night Fletcher”, “Vinegar Governor” and “Achy Breaky Ferguson” speak to long running cast mates. Since several of these characters have already left the show, it is possible that they appear as hallucinations (if Frankie give into the drugs), or as memories Frankie turns to while trying to comfort herself through her misery.

Australian singer and drag sensation Courtney Act has signed on to play Ellen Hinkwinch, the misfit detective charged with locating Frankie. Act has been tight lipped about the role – simply stating it was the role she was born to play. With the addition of Courtney Act to the cast, it becomes evident that Wentworth: The Musical will be a farcical adaptation of the critically acclaimed series.

De Silva recently said in a radio interview, “I dunno about this…it’s the hardest job I’ve ever had. I thought the singing would do me in, but crikey, the dancing is worse!” She went on further to say that Wentworth: The Musical was the first time she and her fellow cast mates were able to let loose on stage. “When you see Ferguson’s line dance, you’re gonna die!”



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