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SimCity Buildit

The latest incarnation of SimCity provides years of entertainment.

The SimCity franchise has challenged players for over 25 years. Previous versions of SimCity have been available for Nintendo and computer systems, with different permutations (i.e. SimAnt, The Sims) of game play. The standard SimCity changed very little over the years until the online version.

SimCity Buildit is available for play on Facebook and app based devices. Unlike previous versions of SimCity, Buildit is available for free play on all systems. To recoup the losses on the development of the title, the game offers in app purchases. The game can, however, be played fully without spending any money.

In previous versions of SimCity, zones were created (residential, commercial and industrial) to try to attract individuals to your city. This is now managed by setting residential zones (residential, London, Paris, Tokyo and Omega), with a one building potential per zone. Commercial and industrial zones are replaced by practical buildings that produce items needed to progress. Creating items becomes more complex with time, and follows many other similar real-time game formats.

Players are able to connect with their friends via Facebook (in app link). This allows players to visit each other’s cities and purchase goods from each other. In addition, milestones are met depending on how many friends you have in the game. This is, however, difficult to manage, as it varies how many of one’s friends may be on Facebook using SimCity Buildit. To mitigate this, the player can join a club of players that can chat together and share resources. Clubs do not interact with each other.

In previous versions, disasters were a painful occurrence that often destroyed cities. In this version, repairing a disaster zone allows the same building to reappear. The repairs cost resources – not money – which can slow down this progress. The user has control over when disasters are launched, therefore unleashing them can be done under favourable circumstances.

Overall, I have been playing SimCity Buildit for the better part of two years now. The convenience of having the app version of the game means that it is accessible wherever wifi exists. This allows for both long and short durations of play without the need for bulky electronics. For anyone who has enjoyed the SimCity series, Buildit is sure to be a new favourite!




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