Top 10 RuPaul’s Drag Race Disasters

RuPaul’s Drag Race is about to finish its ninth season, and crown a new queen. Here we take a look back at the follies that have taken place over the past nine seasons.

10. Kenya Michaels: (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (Season 4)

Latrice nails this lip sync. Is this because she is such an amazing performer, or because Kenya Michaels clearly had issue integrating the song into her performance. Kenya Michaels attacks this performance from a ballet mindset – which is strange as the challenge of the week was ‘Baby Bump Realness”. I’m no ballerina; however, I have never seen one dance while pregnant.

9. Jade Jolie’s Hair Outfit (Season 6)

I don’t know what Jade Jolie was thinking when she dressed herself for the Season 5 Episode 6 runway. Perhaps she thought she would be safe. It the words of Michelle Visage, “Hair coming out of a hip, hair coming out of a boob…what?”

8. Mystique’s Mall Wear Country (Season 2)

Season 2’s country realness challenge proved to be real for Mystique Summers Madison. The struggle that is. In both the mini challenge and the runway, Mystique sported what she explained as the “regular mall wear country”. She further cited that she did not want to hurt her fans. When a queen states that she will not change herself, she goes home soon afterwards.

7. Magnolia Crawford’s Attitude (Season 6)

Magnolia Crawford entered Season 6 with the opportunity to make an international name for herself. Instead, she decided to make a fool of herself. She believed that RuPaul’s Drag Race was meant to give her publicity. It did. One wonders if she realized the opportunity she was giving up (for additional free advertising or otherwise), when she presented her attitude to the judges.

6. Tammie Brown’s Lip Sync (Season 1)

The first queen to give up on RuPaul’s Drag Race was Tammie Brown. Tammie has friends now in Adore Delano (All Stars 2 drop out), Shannel (allegedly…) and Charlie Hides (Season 9 queen who ‘doesn’t lip sync’), who couldn’t handle the heat. This was a disappointing moment for an entertainer that did not stay grounded in her own foundation.

5. Serena ChaCha’s Raja (Season 5)

Serena ChaCha attempted to fuse art with drag, not understanding that drag was a form of art unto itself. Drag is a synthesis of several arts. Serena seemed to understand this, but also underplayed the skills of others because they did not use the same verbiage as she (tailoring vs. soft sculpture). Serena’s Raja is a classic example of failing by trying too hard.

4. Mimi & India Ferrah’s Lip Sync (Season 3)

India Ferrah found herself in a rough spot when up against Mimi Imfurst. Viewers were on the edge of their seat when Mimi decided to pick up India during their performance. This was the second time queens got physical (Venus D-Lite beats on Shangela in the Season 3 opening lip sync battle), and it meant the end of the road for Mimi. She did not get a redemption moment in All Stars.

3. Dax Exclamationpoint & Laila McQueen’s Lip Sync (Season 8)

No one survived this lip sync. Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” is one of the best known gay anthems, which was a tall order for these queens. It may have paid better tribute to save this song for All Stars 2. Interestingly enough Alaska does feature the same look on an All Stars 2 lip sync (Le Freak) as Laila McQueen sports in this battle. The difference between them – Alaska won.

2. Nina & Valentina’s Pilot (Season 9)

Nina and Valentina’s pilot, “Nina & Tina” had little to offer. Both Nina and Valentina feature interesting looks all season. They were unable to find their groove in the pilot challenge.

1. MacBitch (Season 7)

The car crash that was MacBitch was a team effort. Major players in the downfall of this piece included team leader Kennedy Davenport, Pearl, and Jasmine Masters. Memorization proved to be the real struggle. Maybe a rehearsal could have helped out. Unfortunately for Katya, her best was overshadowed by others’ worst. The saddest moment of the episode occurs when Jasmine believes her runway dress will pull her through her terrible acting.