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Movie Review: Tank 432 (2015)

Tank 242 was suggested to me by Netflix as something I would enjoy. For the most part, Netflix was wrong.

We watch a great deal of horror movies at Richtig Haus. The description for Tank 432 sounded promising: “Running for their lives, a group of mercenaries take shelter in an abandoned tank, not knowing that the terror is only just beginning.” This reminded me of such movies as The Hole (2001) and Hidden (2015). Unfortunately, the movie did not live up to these.

Tank 432 is a British movie, of which I find their version of horror/suspense lacking. There have been few movies from Britain that have hit all the marks of what I consider a horror movie. The description of this movie also only captures a mere portion of the movie. Much of it is spent looking for the tank that eventually becomes their resting spot. I found this disappointing, as I expected more of the plot to involve being trapped in the tank.

The plot of the movie takes a few mundane turns, deliberately not describing the world they are currently living in. The mission the group is on, the hostages, and the circumstances are all left to the imagination, as if to put the viewer into the situation they are currently involved in. This may build anticipation for some viewers; however, I found that it meant much of what they were doing was meaningless (why did they have hostages in the first place?).

As a movie, Tank 432 is not a bad film. I found it somewhat derivative, as I was able to figure out the twist ending long before it was revealed. This is a good movie to recommend for younger audiences that may not have exposure to the many movies this one seems to borrow from.



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