Technological Advances

Join Kyle Richtig in celebrating his new electronic release Technological Advances!

Technological Advances is a path through the life of Kyle Richtig turned into music. All songs are inspired by the relationships he had, failed at, or ran away from. Unfortunately, this includes the relationship with the self – perhaps the most tenuous of them all.

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Here is Kyle’s breakdown of the songs:

1. Whispered Truths – the song of days of free love and no consequences. Whispered Truths represents the romance that existed in “free love” with my friends in the 1990s. While most encounters were clumsy at best, I gave myself the persona in the song as someone who imparts wisdom with his sexuality. It was the truth we were seeking in the end.

2. Ghostplay – all autocorrects change this to “Ghostly” which is apt. Ghostplay represents the time in a relationship where both have moved on, but no one is ready to end the relationship. Ghostplay is both a comforting and restrictive time when individuals feel both freedom and obligation that keeps them stuck.

3. Electric – the feeling of a first boyfriend at a time before it could be broadcast. We were both in Grade 12 at the time and were filled with hormones: both good and bad. I got lost in this situation. I haven’t spoken to him in over a decade, and hope that he is well now.

4. Our Song – finding lasting love. I wrote this song for Randy Nicholas, the one I nestle with when the darkness comes.

5. Rain – an ode to a female love from Richtig’s early 20s. While we did not “spend the night together in a frozen grip beyond”, we did listen to The Cure often. I wrote this song as a memory of love in my goth rapture. Oh Danielle, the places we’ve been.

6. Snail – insight comes from the strangest of places. This song also became the painting The Insight Snail Pays a Visit.

7. Ashes – the next step in the Ghostplay relationship. Contemplation is over, and he prepares for action. I was still hurt when I wrote this song. In fact, I do not think I even believed I could “be anything without you” at the time.

8. West – a look back at the late teens, the transition step between looking up to your parents, and wishing that you could break from their mould. This song is dedicated to Phyllis Pulente (Ladouceur), Shawn Telfer, Sean McCaig, Shaun Boudreau and Ron Lay. Phyllis was my girlfriend, and “the Shawns” (Shawn, Sean, Shaun and Ron) my posse.

9. Demise – when persona becomes the roadmap of the future. It took me a long time to realize that I was sad and desperate, not dark and brooding.

10. Rotten – finding the fun in the demise.

11. Cherished – the story of obsession. This is not a true story, but the story of what could be. A friend of mine, Alison Nielsen-Jones used to collect mixed tapes of disturbing love songs. This is a tribute to those songs.

12. Worm Tongue – the madness that ensues before the Ghostplay begins. This song is filled with the rage of disappointment. Worm Tongue was written as a promise to myself to never forget.

13. Breaker – the summation of the Ghostplay saga. The lyrics of this song are written as a soliloquy to that relationship. Looking back, I do not believe that he meant to be a “breaker”, but it was the results of years of words and actions that I filtered though my own needs.

14. 1996 – the mire of unrequited love in the 1990s. He was terrified of others finding out he was gay. I was terrified that I was unloveable. It was a mess.

15. Robolove – if two robots found each other attractive, this would be the result.

16. Kirche – three movements of Christianity: past, present, future.



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