Jolivia and Olel

“Come, come.” Olel cackled from the bottom of the basement stairs.

“But it’s dark down there.” Jolivia replied stroking its long hair.

“But I have a surprise for you.” Olel laughed jumping up and down. “Don’t make me come up and get you.”

Jolivia reluctantly descended the stairs not wanting to whip Olel up into a frenzy. Olel danced around in joy as Jolivia drew closer. Olel had spent days in the field collecting special items for the surprise. It had been difficult to sneak each item in, but Olel was used to creeping around unseen. Olel was known to stalk the dark streets of Sault Ste. Marie searching for items.

“What is it?” Jolivia asked innocently, squinting in the dark basement.

“Oh, you’ll have to follow me in the dark!” Olel said dropping to all fours. “It’s faster this way.”

“O.K.?” Jolivia replied getting down on all fours.

Jolivia followed Olel into the darkness. The floor was wet, and Jolivia did not ask why. Questioning Olel never resulted in answers that Jolivia wanted to hear. Jolivia wanted to listen to Gwar and imagine a life with Oderus, but since his death, had little to wish for. Olel kept Jolivia alive.

“Not far now!” Olel called back scurrying on all fours.

“You are too fast for me!” Jolivia screamed in the darkness. Jolivia did not like the dark, and though Olel knew this, that information was filed under not my problem.

“Hurry, hurry!” Olel cried scampering back to Jolivia and circling the poor soul in the darkness. “I can’t wait! I can’t wait!”

“But I’m on all fours and dirty. It’s dark down here. I don’t like it.” Jolivia whimpered.

“Liar!” Olel said slapping Jolivia on the ass. “Get that body moving!”

Jolivia, enlivened by the spank, moved quicker through the darkness. Olel jumped on Jolivia’s back and withdrew a riding crop from its boot leather hiding place. The crop landed on Jolivia’s bottom, driving the two forward.

“Here, here!” Olel cried out, jumping off Jolivia. Olel lit a candle on a monkey skull, illuminating the dark corner of the basement. “Here is your gift!”

“Oh!” Jolivia cooed upon seeing the three foot gift bag. Out of the bag came a wrapped gift. Inside that, another wrapped box, that contained a wrapped box, that contained a bag, that contained a wrapped box, that contained a mayonnaise jar, that contained a wrapped box, that contained a wrapped box.

“That’s the last one!!!!” Olel said dancing around in a circle. Jolivia opened the final box, and inside contained a peanut M&M. “I know yellow ones are your favourite!” Olel slapped its own cheeks repeatedly with excitement.

“It looks like you licked it already.” Jolivia said seeing the smeared symbol on the yellow shell.

“Well… their my favourite too.”


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